Life of Pi

7.9 IMDb
28 Sep 2012 Release
$ 120 000 000 Budget
Genres:Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Countries:USA, Taiwan, UK, Canada
5 Votes

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The film "Life of Pi" is an adventurous film, the main character of which is the usual black boy Pi Patel. During the next sea voyage, the ship on which the main character sails floats into a terrible storm and crashes. But Pi manages to escape, clinging to the boat and the drifting debris of the ship. As it is supposed by the safety rules, the boat is equipped with a certain supply of food and water, and Pi will have to share it with one very nervous and whimsical passenger - a Bengal tiger.  
Apparently, during the storm the animal slipped out of its cage and hid under the tarpaulin in the boat. Now Pee will face not only a ruthless sea, but also a dangerous hungry predator.

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