The Martian

8.0 IMDb
11 Sep 2015 Release
$ 108 000 000 Budget
Genres:Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Countries:UK, USA
5 Votes

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"Ares 3" is a space mission to Mars. Was, has developed the plan - on Mars should erect a laboratory where subsequently people can live and work. They will need greenhouses, arrange living quarters. Perhaps this will be the beginning of a new life and a planet-a savior for humanity. The astronauts are conducting research work, according to the plan, but a sand storm was approaching, it was too strong. The biologist-engineer was far from the shuttle, he received damage to the spacesuit. He was deemed dead, and the whole group was evacuated from Mars. Mark Watney survived, waking up, he was in shock, the shuttle flew off without him ....... Enjoy watching The Martian online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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