Guardians of the Galaxy

8.1 IMDb
21 Jul 2014 Release
$ 170 000 000 Budget
Genres:Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
7 Votes

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The fantastic film "The Guardians of the Galaxy" will tell the story of an American Peter Quill, who was accidentally involved in a conflict of intergalactic scale. Our hero is compelled to flee in company with the same imprisoned fugitives as he. This man unexpectedly fell into the hands of an unusual mysterious artifact, which was previously owned by the unconquerable and powerful Ronan. The stories about the crimes of the cunning Ronan were known to all the inhabitants of the Galaxy. Even a knowledgeable person would realize that if a mysterious artifact is in the hands of this criminal, then he necessarily uses it with profit for himself in order to control the entire universe.  
Peter must deliver this artifact and hide it in a secluded and inaccessible place. In the war that takes place inside the Galaxy, he decided to join the group of unsociable outcast people. The raccoon-bastard, who received the nickname Rocket, about him goes a lot of discussions and gossip. It is a mortal danger, but beautiful Gammora, who wants to take revenge on the Destroyer and Groot. All of the above fantastic characters united in a single whole in order to lead a serious struggle, having won in which, they will save the whole Galaxy.

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