Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

8.1 IMDb
7 July 2011 Release
$ 125 000 000 Budget
130 min Duration
Genres:Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Countries:USA, UK
Director:David Yates
Writers:Steve Kloves, J.K. Rowling
15 Votes

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Harry, Ron, and Hermione continue to find the rest of Voldemort's Horecruxes, until Harry discovers that one is at Hogwarts, they flee there as soon as possible but Voldemort instantly finds out about their mission. The battle is drawn at Hogwarts as many people fight to protect Harry Potter. Harry then realises that people are dying constantly for his mistakes and then eventually fights Voldemort for the last time. Along the way, crucial secrets are unraveled, and the mysterious but legendary Deathly Hallows reappear.

Movie Comments

  1. Kara Ashley-Noel Weigand, 1 month ago
    I think ALL the movies were amazing. Harry potter was always my favorite series. I think the only thing I'd like to point out is at the end were they show the children from our favorite main characters I honestly think you should continue the series by making movies about them now like Harry Potter: Next Generation and keep it going it would be nice to watch their kids fall in love and get into which houses and watch their lives grow as kids just like their parents did. I really think it would make us as the views more happier because leaving it off with nothing else sucks and shouldn't be how movies should end.
  2. John William H., 3 weeks ago
    Harry Potter became something of a surprise sensation in the late 90s; media-titans were after the media rights since it garnered a massive following, Nintendo tried turning the series into a gaming franchise that would go alongside the likes of Zelda and Castlevania; then David Heyman, who was working for Warner Brothers at the time, found 'The Philosopher's Stone' on the 'low-priority' shelf of the WB-UK's development catalogue. Then in 2001, Harry Potter hit the big screen and became one of cinema's most potent franchises then onward. Seven films later comes 'The Deathly Hallows: Part 2' and makes itself out to be the finest conclusion to a film series since Lord of the Rings, Return of the Jedi, and Toy Story 3. Harry Potter has become one of cinema's greatest accomplishments in the medium's entire canon.

    I grew up watching the series in cinemas every time a new film came out; I loved every second of every film and this conclusion is not just great Potter-fan satisfaction; it's a great film and a resounding conclusion to one of the defining stories that helped mould my childhood and teenhood. It's literal and visual cinematic magic. Harry Potter has remained a classic for damn good reasons, because it's a contemporary fantasy that co-exists within our reality without needing to worry about real-world baggage at all yet the world of wizards is still plentiful on drama, lovable characters and one of the most gorgeous cinematic universes ever constructed on film.

    Harry Potter is truly one of my favourite film franchises and it's a story as timeless as Star Wars, as eternal as a good old fashioned fairy tale, and a saga showing the challenges of growing up.

    If you somehow STILL haven't seen the Harry Potter movies yet, I implore those of you who haven't to do so. It's a universally appealing saga that is a timeless story; so join the ride millions of others have been riding on for years now.
  3. realbossy, 3 weeks ago
    1 of the best movies i have ever seen.The More you watch the series is the more you get addicted.when i read the first book in 97, i said; it will be a great movie if they can handle the special effects.And guess what ? They did.The post is that if you liked the LOTR or Deadpool or any unrelated movies that has CGI you will love harry potter.