Apartment 212

5.0 IMDb
16 Sep 2017 Release
Countries:Spain, USA
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Jennifer Conrad (Penelope Mitchell, The Curse of Downers Grove) is a young girl from the province who came to a big city in the hope of avoiding abusive relationships and starting a new life. But when she wakes up every morning, she finds tiny wounds on her body that were not there when she went to bed. Something bites her at night, and Jennifer decides not to sleep to find out the truth. But her encouraging hours of wakefulness begin to go terribly and she is trapped in a spiral of sleep deprivation, paranoia and paralyzing fear of something invisible, undermining her new life. This even makes Jennifer reconsider the possibility of returning to her abusive, but stable relationship .... Enjoy watching Apartment 212 online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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