Last Seen in Idaho

5.1 IMDb
24 Apr 2018 Release
Genres:Crime, Mystery, Thriller
4 Votes

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Summer exits from a coma, into which she fell after a car accident. She hopes that now she will return to her former life and forget her tragic past. But suddenly the girl has visions in which she sees her own future, and she is not so happy. She is awaited by a terrible abduction, and then a brutal murder. Summer decides not to sit idly by, but tries to figure out how to avoid his fate, find people she can believe in, and avoid tragedy.A woman awakens from a coma after a car accident and begins having shocking visions of her future murder. It's a race against the clock as she tries to solve and prevent her own murder. Enjoy watching Last Seen in Idaho online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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