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13 Apr 2018 Release
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A thrilling thriller "Rideshare" takes us to the streets of the night city. Many people are forced after work to get home in the dark. Someone sits behind the wheel of their own car, someone uses the services of public transport. And for some, the usual means of transportation is a taxi. Calling a taxi, having a mobile phone with him, is not a problem. It is enough to have the desired number or installed application, with which it is convenient to call the machine directly to the destination.

For a long time, the townspeople used the "Hitch" application. It allowed in the shortest possible time to call a car to any part of the city, so that passengers could easily reach their destination. No one had the slightest fear that something could happen. But the ill-fated night came when a taxi driver-killer came out to hunt. Those who hoped to safely finish the trip, it is unlikely to succeed. Travel around the city this time will turn into a fight for your own life. Will someone be able to resist a dangerous killer?

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