Shanda's River

5.1 IMDb
10 Mar 2018 Release
Genres:Horror, Thriller
20 Votes

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Italian horror movie Shanda's River, telling about the curse of the old witch, preserved to this day. As you know, time is not powerful over ancient witchcraft. It is transmitted through the years and often takes into captivity completely unknown people who have nothing to do with the events of the past. And it often happens that the unjust death of a sorcerer or a witch, committed in ancient times, turned into a nightmare for the offspring of their offenders, even if the latter did not suspect it.

Emma - a college professor, interested in one of these stories, goes to a small town of Voghera, located in the north of the country. She should study the case of the murder of the witch Shanda. Many years ago it was sacrificed right on the river bank. But Emma, as a man of science, does not frighten legends. She simply does not believe in a spell that can act after so much time. And, as it turns out, in vain. On Emma falls a terrible spell, because of which she finds herself in a terrible series of deaths. Every day she now has to die, and the next day everything will be repeated again.

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