Deep Blue Sea 2

3.3 IMDb
17 Apr 2018 Release
Genres:Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
33 Votes

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Lessons of the past are forgotten by ambitious youth, aimed at all costs to exceed the achievements of their ancestors. Fearless billionaire sponsors various innovative projects. The main brainchild of the patron is the study of sharks. The project, based on the development of its predecessors, hides the "Deep Blue Sea 2" at the water station. Innovative manipulation with predators is intended to establish control over them through special stimulation of the brain. Scientists are boldly working with wards of the sea giants, not being afraid to swap roles.

Soon the experimenters notice how the laboratory samples adapt to constant supervision, they watch for the torturers. Despite the warnings of the invited expert, the laboratory continues to function. The fabulous state of the sponsor is invested in a future resonant discovery. A sudden surge in activity of pets remains outside the attention of laboratory workers, because the main efforts are given to the struggle for the safety of the experiment. The level of danger emanating from the organized shark pack is steadily increasing. It is difficult to predict the outcome of the battle of improved killers with the creators. The balance of forces is disrupted after the explosion, when the station begins to sink swiftly.

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