House on Elm Lake

3.2 IMDb
11 Sep 2017 Release
25 Votes

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An exemplary family man Eric decides to please his wife by buying a new home. A sales agent helps him pick up a pretty building on the lake shore. The man is happy with the location of the potential home, because they have a daughter with a wife who will only benefit from fresh air. For a long time without hesitation, he makes out a deal. Enjoy watching House on Elm Lake online in HD quality for free and without registration.

The family is moving. The first weeks went well: they unpacked things, arranged the rooms, cleaned up, and in the evenings sat by the fire. However, after a while it seems to them that someone comes in from inside: the items are shifted, the furniture is dirty, and the locked door is open. Finding out who can wander the territory of private property, the father of the family learns from neighbors that earlier here people were brutally killed, and the criminal declared himself the governor of Lucifer himself. He was arrested and placed in a psychiatric clinic, where he died. But no one knew that the dark forces were in fact controlling the killer. And now evil has returned to finish the long-begun ritual.

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