5.5 IMDb
10 Sep 2017 Release
$ 15 000 000 Budget
Genres:Drama, Romance, Thriller
Countries:Germany, France, Spain, USA
22 Votes

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Man, like everything else, is mortal. Is there anything in our world that is immortal? To this question the movie "Submergence" gives its answer, which has the right to exist - love. This feeling can be immortal in itself, but it also can immortalize the human soul. In the center of events are two professionals, initially seemingly averse to romance - biophysicist Daniel and hydraulic engineer James Moore.

Heroes accidentally get acquainted in a small coastal hotel, where they are overtaken by mutual romantic feelings. But here they will not last long and, quite possibly, will never again meet. Each of them has a responsible mission, coupled with a risk to life. Daniel is going to sink to the seabed to conduct an important experiment in the previously unexplored area of the ocean. James works in the special services, and he is instructed to conduct a secret operation in Somalia. It is possible to refuse assignments, but this will become a betrayal of one's own convictions, because each of the heroes devoted his life to work. In the hotel they spend several fantastic days, after which they say goodbye and swear to each other that they will soon meet. But can lovers fulfill their vow if fate begins to experience them? The girl will be in a deadly trap, when the bathyscaphe will lose control, and the guy will be captured by the pirates.

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