5.9 IMDb
10 Mar 2018 Release
Genres:Fantasy, Horror
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A mysterious forest dweller keeps an intimidated baby in the attic. The girl tries in vain to get out, and once does throw all attempts to get to know the vast world. The cause of growing childish fear is the "Wildling" with sharp fangs and a predatory gaze. The guardian tells the crumb of the tricks of a wild monster. An unknown animal picks on the outskirts to taste the flesh of innocent creatures. The carnivorous creature is distinguished by its brutal appetite, quickness and unimaginable might. The gnawed bones of the victims are stored in a special shelter of the beast, where he easily changes the likeness.

Anna is experiencing an incredible emotional shock when the local sheriff removes her from captivity. The trap, which seemed like an eternal fortress, is left behind. The Savior takes heart to the defenseless hermit, so she takes up her upbringing. The wild habits of the new pupil cause derisive responses from peers. The incredulous soul expects from everywhere a swoop of a monstrous creature from fairy tales. The adoptive mother tries in vain to dispel the girlish illusions. Growing up, the pupil notices how her feelings change. The aggravation of hearing, the ability to catch special pheromones and run quickly prepare the girl for a turning life stage.

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