Come Sunday

5.6 IMDb
21 Jan 2018 Release
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One night, evangelical priest Carlton Pearson watched a program about the genocide in Rwanda. He did not suspect that soon she would completely change his view of faith, and he would become a heretic for his own church. After what he saw, the pastor's soul becomes confused and he begins to believe that God Himself spoke to him. Enjoy watching Come Sunday online in HD quality for free and without registration.

He is sincerely convinced that this has happened, and that hell, such as he is described in the Holy Scripture, is not. On the following Sunday, on a weekly sermon, he will unleash parishioners of his insight. He asks himself: what if the curse, in which they always believed, does not exist? What if there is no purgatory and all people, including sinners, are already saved, a sacrifice brought by Jesus on the cross?

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