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12 Jun 2017 Release
Genres:Comedy, Drama
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Maria was a servant all her life. An open, honest and hard-working heroine, because of the stressful schedule, failed to start a family. And now, being a lady of Balzac's age, she realizes that she can never meet a loved one. At the same time, the woman does not know what an unusual surprise fate has prepared for her ... Maria works in the mansion of a very rich couple. At the beginning of the film, she, along with the other servants, sets the table, as the hosts are waiting for the influential guests. Among the other invited there is even the mayor of the city. In all, 12 people should be present at the dinner, but at the last moment the thirteenth son of the spouses appears.

Having learned that there will be 13 persons at the table, the hostess begins to lament that this is not good. Madame persuades Maria for one evening to pretend to be a secular lioness and join the evening meal. She is asked not to drink and talk less, so as not to betray herself. But, having become perverted, the heroine starts to talk incessantly and overturns a glass with a glass. It may seem that dinner is on the verge of failure, but in fact everything leads to even more unexpected consequences: one of the invited rich people falls in love with a charming stranger. The evening ends, and the feelings of the man remain. He continues to care for the beauty, not suspecting that she is an ordinary servant.

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