Camera Obscura

4.7 IMDb
22 Apr 2017 Release
Genres:Horror, Thriller
23 Votes

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John is a former military man who suffers from a post-traumatic syndrome and can never get used to a peaceful life. To support him and at least somehow cheer, she gives him a camera from the Second World War. John starts taking pictures at every step, and as a result, he has several rolls of film. Manifesting it, the guy notices that on each of the rolls there is an image of a dead man. Enjoy watching Camera Obscura online in HD quality for free and without registration.

But the most terrible thing is that the deaths depicted on the film, after a few days actually happen. John has no idea what is going on and how to prevent it, but he has to do everything possible to figure it all out, because on one of the rolls he saw the image of his bride...

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