Beyond the Edge

5.0 IMDb
1 Mar 2018 Release

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In the past Michael turned many successful scams and became famous as a talented rascal. The hero of fantasy "Beyond the Edge" prefers to act alone. So much more likely to have a positive outcome. Planning a robbery of a large Russian casino, the man did not doubt the success. But the ideal scheme was broken when Michael crossed the path of a mysterious man who managed to deceive him due to his paranormal abilities. As a result, the hero was in a difficult situation: he did not finish the case and was exposed.

Now Michael is in the hands of the owner of a robbed casino, which gives a scam a week for the return of stolen money. This condition makes Michael nervous, because he alone can not cope. Then the hero decides that he needs a team, and not the most common. With considerable effort, he collects people who, like his unknown rival, have supernatural powers. With their help, the man expects to turn the next scam in another casino, but this time there are similar difficulties: there is a mysterious villain who neutralizes Michael and his team.

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