Get Out

7.7 IMDb
23 January 2017 Release
$ 5 000 000 Budget
Genres:Horror, Mystery, Thriller
9 Votes

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Hesitantly, Chris Washington, a young African American talented photographer, and his white girlfriend Rose Armitage prepare for a weekend in Lake Pontaco to meet with her parents who are completely unaware that their daughter's sweetheart is black. After all, it has been already five months together, so what could be better than meeting with Mrs Armitage, a psychiatrist who specialises in hypnosis, and Mr Armitage, a neurosurgeon, surrounded by black servants in the total privacy of the magnificent, yet, secluded estate in the woods? Gradually, as the friendly and polite ambience gives way to an indistinguishable, rather unrecognisable threat, the unsettling mood coupled with sheer dread will quickly disturb the family's tranquil facade. What could the Armitages be hiding, and moreover, why is there an off-limits, locked room that leads to the basement?

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Movie Comments

  1. fruityass21, 2 months ago
    I am by no means a professional troll, here to say that my opinion is relevant. However, this movie was FANTASTIC, but again, that is just my 2 cents. For a debut in directing, especially when it's Jordan Peele, I was awestruck. Not for my lack in trust in his ability, but this was a horror/thriller, and I have known his work for always being something more along the lines of side splitting hilarity. I heard he directed this film, often times, doing his impressions of President Obama (how I miss thee) and his other well known impressions. I also hear that Jordan took notes from the late and great George A. Romero, in creating the story around a black man as the protagonist, which really how often do we see that? Always refreshing to see a new perspective in an old genre. If you really want to see a new look unto "meeting the family" of your significant other, watch this movie. Especially if you are wasting your precious times reading reviews like mine, and others. Take the 90 mins or so and sit back. The soundtrack also worth listening. I give it a 10 out of 10. This is nothing like Keanu, but it's still a great movie. Kukdos, Mr. Jordan Peele, I was already a fan, but now, I am much cooler. XO
  2. sirwillisiv, 2 months ago
    I can kinda see why Get Out received so much praise. It's essentially a Key & Peele sketch with a horror skin. Smart and chilling social satire with fine performances and strong tension building. My personal criticisms: Weak scares, and forgiving action and gore. Too much last-second cutaway nonsense. I can't say it really lives up to the R rating. Definitely an interesting film nonetheless, but I wouldn't put it on my favorites of 2017.
  3. iceberg1-102-167298, 1 month ago
    Jordan Peel's writing and directing were promising. I expected a hilarious horror movie, which I like a lot. Or at least (according to high ranking on IMDb) a very good horror movie. None of these. The first thing – this is not a horror movie. Maybe just a little bit. The second thing – this is not a comedy either. This one is too serious for a comedy. There were some jokes, but I didn't think the jokes were funny enough. I'm not an American, and sometimes I enjoy some little racist jokes in American movies. But all of these were so much stereotyped and clichéd… According to what Jordan Peel said about this movie, he was inspired by the Night of the Dead (1968). As to me, this was more a poor Jango remake. Pros: Acting is very good. Story looks original. That is it. Cons: It's not a Horror movie. Not much of Mystery genre here too, because it's too obvious. Thriller – a little bit. Not funny. Some poor pacing. Writing sucks too much.
  4. Antonius Block, 1 month ago
    The less you know about this movie before you watch it, the better. It's a creepy, delicious thriller, and one where even when you think you know what might be going on, there's more to it than you realize. There are elements that feel derivative, but on the other hand, Director Jordan Peele tells this story well, and it feels fresh and intelligent. Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams turn in very nice performances, and the supporting cast is solid as well. I loved Lil Rel Howery, who plays the friend, a TSA agent who tries to help from afar. There are many great moments – the round of "Bingo" led by the father, Kaluuya seeing the pictures of Williams and her expression on that last one, and the effects going to the "sunken place". It also puts a mirror up to how white people in real life, even well-meaning ones, sometimes talk to African-Americans in their attempts to relate to them or 'be cool' – stilted, with references that often bring up race, and at least sometimes subtly racist. How great it was to see a diverse cast, and to see this perspective, without it being delivered in a heavy-handed manner. It's not original enough to be in a list of greatest ever thrillers, but it's solid and enjoyable from beginning to end.